What  I do ?  I stuck as a developer

What I do ? I stuck as a developer


Getting errors and getting stuck for a long hours is not a new thing in the life of software engineer / developer. Getting gigantic errors and problem to add a single new features is really a troubling situation & all people have a different way to sort out theirs problems which I am going to explain, "What I do if I stuck as a developer ?"

1. I Visit Stack to overflow

Stack overflow is one of the big and great platform for all kind of developers who faces errors and get stuck during the project. I also use stack overflow if I stuck as a developer.


πŸ›  Fun fact :

Sometimes, I get errors; I copy the error ; paste it in google, and I find the solution in stack overflow which I had not seen before, I don't understand but I copy it and it works.


Beside stack overflow, there are also amazing sites which helps me to figure out the problem !

2. I consultant with my friends

Since, I'm a computer student and there is a small circle of coders who are very active on helping each others. And I talk to the circle to sort out the problem. You can also reach out to Aashish Panthi, Utsav bhattarai and SR code. They all are my classmates.

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But, who helped me through different platform are also my friends !!

3. I create post to different Facebook groups

Since, these days there are different active fb groups with large community handled by the different tech peoples. These groups also helps (sometimes) ! πŸ˜‚

πŸ›  Funny moment:

Once I posted some silly things saying Guys subscribe to my YouTube channel. And the hate I got in comments was like😨

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I prefer these groups :

4. I also Go through an online articles

Finding solution after reading articles written by different tech persons is the most required skills required for software developer. Speak less, read more should be the moto of software developer !


When it comes about online platform for reading articles, I mostly prefer these platform to sort out the problems.

These platform are the first priority, but sometimes some random articles ranked on 3rd, 4th page of google search also helped me. So, big shutouts to those random articles !! ❀

Things to say

It always feels great when I reach the end of writing a blog. I had this much to share but we can stay connected on Twitter for sure. And I would like to say, Errors are the part of life of software developer, so stay relaxed all the time, think more to solve the problem. Keep learning and keep exploring !!

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