Lessons I learned from a failed interview !!

Lessons I learned from a failed interview !!

Story of the failure 😇


Hello everyone, I'm Rajesh. You would probably call me a failure Rajesh today if I hadn't overcome the failure which I faced for a multiple time.

I'm not a pro programmer, not a pro developer but I have a good experience for building resume, appearing interviews and failing them. I'm not too much old guy who had appeared a ton's of interviews. I just appeared 3 interviews so far for a local startup in my region and I failed all of them. But, before appearing in the 4th interview I think will I have a quite enough lessons that I learnt from them.

Readers be like : enough 😨

Oh common don't do this😨, I ensure that I have enough lesson which can be shared here. I'm a developer not pro but I'm. You might be thinking I'm here to explain a code or something like that but that not the thing !!

What I Leant after failing ??

I'm not demotivating you guys it's true that, "failing is not a bad thing, but not learning anything from the failure is obviously a bad thing." - Rajesh khadka

I know exactly how it feels to face rejections in the mail for the job you’ve so desperately wanted. But my friend, learn these things from the failure, It would be better for next time :

1. To accept the truth

I used to think, I know the concepts very well. I can work for company or any startup but I was wrong at that moment. So, after failing in these interviews, I learnt to accept the the truth that

  • " I need to work hard "
  • "I need to push myself to learn !"
  • "Remember that you aren't perfect"

2. To look after the resume

Since, Resume is also one of the affecting factor for your selection. Job Recruiter or Hiring manager is not going to thoroughly study your resume. So there should be some unique points or keyword related to the job title due to which the possibility of getting hired increases.

In my case the resume was too much random. But for the 4th interview the scenario is something different, resume is good looking . I will share my resume some other day ! 😂

✅Tips : You can refer to this website to build resume :

3. I learned, " not to be over confident "

Probably, over confident is not a perfectly fitted word for this situation. But the thing is, any individual should not be more confident for his/her job. If interviewer asked, What do you think, Will you get selected for the role you applied ? , Probably the answer should be , "Let's see !! .. How far it goes !"

Usually, the interviewer ask you the question, "What fits you perfect for this job ?"

✅ Tips for the answer :

  • The answer shouldn't be fancy.
  • Be loyal for this question.
  • Just don't try to copy the answers from others, all have their own thought !

    PS : Your selection for the role doesn't depend only on the answer you gave. There may be all the factors lying on the same line which caused unselection for the job. But the way of answering the question is also one of them .

4. We still have room for improvement.

Learning lessons the hard way sucks, and so does getting negative feedback. However, they’ll ultimately help you become better at interviewing. So when you’re lucky enough to hear back from the hiring manager with a specific reason for rejecting you, take the time to think about how you’ll improve next time.

Remember :

“Failure is not the opposite of success, it is a part of success.”

Oh common, Looking these quotes, don't think that this guy (Rajesh) has achieved a lot and He's successful. I don't know, just these quotes boost my motivation to next level ! 😊

One interview made me to build the product

It was a time of covid, Randomly I applied for a post of React developer through Linked in. All the meeting was scheduled for a next day. I was mentally prepared for the interview. After all the interviewer invited me on the zoom meeting and shared a link to write a code on that platform. Which was not really good. I don't remember the exact name of the platform.

May be due the platform on which I was writing code 😂 and many other circumstances, I could not perform well on that interview, which triggered me to build the own product for collaborating for interview purpose.


I will be launching the bare minimum version of app in few days, and surly I will publish the blog on it's launch !!

Things to say

Any experience brings something valuable to the table regardless of the outcome, so don’t feel sad instead, try learning from those job interviews to avoid the same mistakes in the future.

I had this much to share but we can stay connected on Twitter for sure. And forgive me for not including any images (related to interview), I don't have real images and illustrations don't truly depict the emotions. 🙂

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